Our Projects

Maca Grande (Ecuador)


The community of Maca Grande in the Cotopaxi region of Ecuador


Provide a clean source of water for the community of Maca Grande to improve health and accessibility


In the process of writing report(s) and fundraising to proceed to phase two of implementation

Collaborated with Engineers in Action and Life Giving Water International.

Moonlight Cinema (Newark)

Goal: Build an interactive art walk-in (via conveyor belt) using storage containers to represent the confinement of black women in America because of “haunting stereotypes or preconceived notions”

Message: “Don’t touch my hair” holds a significant meaning. Through this museum, experiencers will understand how it feels to be strong and not break when people mock and/or discriminate them. This will help raise awareness about black women’s hair and identity.

Branch Brook Park (Newark)

Goal: Surveying fallen materials (leaves and/or garbage), water flow, etc. in order to remove nutrient sources and algal bloom

Previous Projects

Biosand Filter Project

Location: Haiti

Results: Produced and delivered 475 Bio-sand filters in total

 Sustainable Sanitation Project

Location: Haiti

Results: We produced and delivered three sustainable toilets

Light Cycle Project

Location: Haiti

Results: Fabricated and installed a Bicycle capable of charging cell phones.

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